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Motorised Barrel Pump


Pharma Motorised Barrel Pump

MOTORISED BARREL PUMP PH 560 PH 560 is a widely accepted barrel and container pump for handling highly fluid and medium viscous liquids.
The Ph 560 is designed for both portable and stationary use and hence is ideal for industries like Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, breweries, distilleries etc. The versatility, portability and the sophisticated yet simple engineering design ensures efficient and reliable operation which makes PH 560 indispensable.
Pump Tube Construction:
The PH 560 pump tube is constructed out of SS 316 material which is widely accepted world-wide.
This material is specifically required by the pharmaceutical industry because of the statutory requirements. The PH 560 is available in three different pump tube lengths i.e. L = 700, 1000 and 1250 mm, so as to suit your requirements. The PH 560 has been designed such that it can be used for various containers ranging from 25 litre carboy to any size of container.
It has been observed that many times unknowingly the equipment is not used correctly. To avoid this situation as well as to assist users for easy monitoring, It has identified the product by colour code. Now HACO PHARMA is designated by Blue colour motor & sparkling pump tube to enable user to prevent it from incorrect use.
Do not use PH 560 E for handling flammable liquids.
Technical Specifications:
560 is available with two drive options PH 560 E and PH 560 P.
PH 560 E: 560 watts, 15000 rpm single phase universal motor operating on 220 Volts, 50 Cycles A.C. supply, with a shock proof, antistatic, flame retardant and chemical resistant casing. The drive is particularly suitable for intermittent operation.

The PH 560 E is equipped with an inbuilt thermal protection so as to prevent motor from burning.
PH 560 P: (Flame proof) Operates on compressed air either at 4 - 6 bar pressure with an air consumption at 8 - 5 CFM and can be used for continuous operation. Use of FRL (Filter, Regulator cum Lubricator) prior to motor is ecommended.
Quantity Max. :
Up to 100 lit/ min.
Delivery head Max. :
Max. 30 to 35 ft.
Temperature of liquid Max.:
Viscosity Max. :
Up to 560 cp.
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